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Κιτσίκης Αντώνης


The film is about the gypsy community in Athens, and how they risk their lives to collect recyclable materials to make illicit money. Illiteracy is what leads their community into illegal recycling As a result of this - they raise the percentage of recycle in the city.

Producer, Director, Editor - Antonis Kitsikis
Cinematography - Thomas Kunstler
Sound - Nikos Antoniadis
Drone - Tassos Fytros
Official Selection ASFF 2016 (Aesthetica Short Film Festival)
Official Selection Eat Our Shorts Student Film Festival part of Nahemi - Won
Official Selection LSFF 2017 (London Short Film Festival)
Official Selection XVII Festival Internacional de Cine de Lanzarote
Official Selection RTS STUDENT TELEVISION AWARDS 2017                  - Won
Official Selection DocuTIFF 2017 
Nominated Learning on Screen Awards - Nominee
Official selection CYIFF Pafos, Cyprus - Won Best Documentary Talent
Nominated MDOCS Student Documentary Festival - Nominee
Nominated National RTS STUDENT TELEVISION AWARDS 2017 - Nominee
Official selection International Short FIlm Festival in Drama
Official selection British Short Film Festival Berlin
Official selection Bridges International Film Festival
Official selection International Peloponnesian Documentary Festival