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Britti (profession)

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Country: INDIA, Genre: The timeless dimension of Unemployment, Year: 2016

Technical data

Format: digital, Color: Color, Duration: 14' 56'',




Nakul was a graduate scholar and had a respected job to run his family. After the shutdown of their company, he had to became a street hawker to earn the two time bread for his family. He left his profession (Bitti) to perform the new profession (Britti) of street hawker. His son Aloke disrecpects Nakul for this job. In course of time, Aloke had to become street hawker for few months due to bad phrase of time before getting a job. During this course he realized his father's situation and felt great respect for him and his profession.

Director CV

I am a software engg. and short film making is my hobby.

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6/5/2017 9:45:02 μμ

Typo valuable *

6/5/2017 9:43:53 μμ

Thank you all for waching my film and for faluable comments.

Samar Prasad

30/4/2017 5:08:18 μμ

Loved the concept... The concept is really impressing & highlighting the current scenario of our society...

29/4/2017 5:58:34 μμ

Loved the cinematography, screensplay behind this short and crisp movie highlighting the current state of unemployment.

28/4/2017 9:11:02 πμ

Nice movie

28/4/2017 9:09:25 πμ

Great work :)

28/4/2017 9:07:12 πμ

I would love to watch this again. :)

28/4/2017 9:03:12 πμ

Good one :)

28/4/2017 9:00:58 πμ

Good story as well as execution.. :)

28/4/2017 8:57:21 πμ

Nice movie. Keep it up!!

28/4/2017 8:53:41 πμ

Movie that is close to reality. Excellent!!

28/4/2017 6:15:06 πμ

This short-film aptly depicts the effect of unemployment on the young mind on one hand and on the poor family on the other. Especially a family that barely makes both ends meets as a meagre fast food vendor in a street. In the backdrop of rural Bengal in India, "Britti" tries to focus on the idea that the every profession is important no matter what the work is. Aloke, the lead character of the film, being a graduate, ultimately understands that the dignity of any work is not less important.

28/4/2017 5:42:45 πμ

This movie shows to respect each and every profession.

27/4/2017 8:18:33 μμ

excellent movie

27/4/2017 11:13:13 πμ

Very good and touchy

25/4/2017 11:59:58 πμ

Very well composed. The beautiful song touches the core of my heart. Hats off to team "Britti" for telling not only a story of "Profession and employment" but also showing some heart touching day to day moments which is easily connected to a sensitive mind. Screen play is precise yet covers areas like family bonding, life struggle, dream and reality. Will go for a 5 out of 5.

24/4/2017 7:01:42 μμ

Very Nice and touchy

16/4/2017 10:25:20 πμ

After a long time, saw a short movie which is beautifully presented with a good story line. Well done Samar!!

14/4/2017 12:54:49 μμ

Really heart teaches us to show respect to each legal profession... however it is... nothing is big or small......In other side it focuses on the current unemployment issues also.....

13/4/2017 11:33:47 μμ

Sensitively told and beautifully crafted. This film will enlighten anyone who sees it.

13/4/2017 1:18:52 μμ

Sam! The movie is excellent and want more such movie from you in future.

12/4/2017 6:53:16 μμ

Keep up good work!!!

12/4/2017 6:34:33 μμ

This movie shows to respect each and every profession.

12/4/2017 4:21:15 μμ

excellent movie

12/4/2017 7:20:44 πμ

One should feel dignified and give honest efforts in whatever profession he/she is engaged in. Loved the cinematography, screensplay behind this short and crisp movie highlighting the current state of unemployment everywhere specially rural Bengal. Kudos to Sam and his team and do keep up the good work .....

11/4/2017 10:05:17 μμ

nice work Sam

11/4/2017 9:51:22 μμ

nice work Sam

11/4/2017 9:48:59 μμ

Awesome creativity..!!!

11/4/2017 8:59:54 μμ

Excellent movie....Really liked it.

11/4/2017 8:35:11 μμ

Great movie ...

11/4/2017 7:45:32 μμ


11/4/2017 4:33:16 μμ

nilanjanpalit@Gmail. com

A beautiful movie.

11/4/2017 3:22:52 μμ

Great work and concept ..!!

11/4/2017 2:28:56 μμ

Nice movie

11/4/2017 2:11:54 μμ

Superb Movie .Short And Crisp !!

11/4/2017 1:52:49 μμ

Great movie. Very closely related to the unavoidable circumstances of poor educated people trying to find their place in the society.

11/4/2017 12:51:23 μμ

Nice film

11/4/2017 8:12:30 πμ

Very nice movie.

11/4/2017 5:52:05 πμ

This is indeed the situation of unemployment in many parts of the world. Nice movie.

11/4/2017 5:43:12 πμ

This film portrays that a person should be proud of their profession regardless its status in the society.

11/4/2017 1:10:00 πμ

A reflection of real life....

10/4/2017 11:11:14 μμ

It's an inspirable movie...

10/4/2017 11:03:52 μμ

It's a very good movie and it's real story of current unemployment.