Awards & Prizes

From the first action 30 films will be selected through public voting to create the top30. These films will be competing in the second action for the 3 first prizes.*


The above amounts are, up to now, the smallest amounts for the 3 winners. We are, however, in the procedure of looking for sponsors who will contribute in a further financial support for the winners. This is going to be announced by the 15 February 2017 and will be posted in this section on filmfreeway.

10 special awards

1. Production
2. Actor in a leading role
3. Actress in a leading role
4. Cinematography
5. Sound
6. Set design
7. Costume design
8. Film Editing
9. Special effects
10. Music

The special awards don't have a financial reward.

The jury for the BBISFF 2017 is made up of:
• Nontas Sarlis, Director-Editor
• Evi Karabatsou, Director
• Monica Vaxevani, Director

* In case that 30 or less films will be selected from the first phase, all the films will be projected in the central theatre and a prize of 300 € will be awarded by the audience through the online voting.