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O Sole Mio

General information

Country: SOUTH KOREA, Genre: The timeless dimension of Unemployment, Year: 2016

Technical data

Format: digital, Color: Color, Duration: 7' 54'',


Director: Ahn Sangwook
Producer: Go Jaeo, Park Sangwook
Screenplay: Ahn Sangwook, Go Jaeo, Woo Nayeon
Cast: Son Bomin,Kim Hyunwook,Jang Woongjin,Han Sungsik


Tension runs in the waiting room for a job interview. Unlike other interviewees, Jisun is lost in thought. Finally she goes into the interview room, and is faced with unreasonable demands from the interviewer, Terry Kim, who looks like a man born with a sliver spoon. However, it turns out that this was all a part of Jisun's revenge plot.

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