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Honestly Charlotte

General information

Country: CANADA, Genre: The timeless dimension of Unemployment, Year: 2016

Technical data

Format: DSLR/Digital, Color: Color, Duration: 5' 58'',


Director: Sarah Hedar
Producer: Stevie Jackson, Joan Macbeth
Screenplay: Stevie Jackson, Joan Macbeth
Cast: Stevie Jackson,Pam Kearns


A routine job interview goes sideways when the applicant gets completely honest about what it’s like to be an artist trapped in a corporate cubicle.


I once read a quote on a fridge magnet that said “Speak the truth, but leave immediately after”, but what if you have spoken this truth to someone who has the power to hire you for a job - one that you need to make ends meet? When I was first approached to direct Honestly Charlotte I was reminded of some of my own experiences juggling 'real' jobs while pursuing my own artistic endeavours. As Charlotte negotiates her need for work against her desire for a life as an artist, her perspective of the day-to-day grind struck a chord with me, and will perhaps also ring true for anyone else who has ever worked in an office. As a first-time director, I was very fortunate to work with great material, talented cast and a stellar all-female team. I couldn't have asked for a better debut.

Director CV

Sarah has a natural patience and sense of humour that lends itself to the ebb and flow of the creative process. With a strong technical and artistic background, Sarah focuses her attention on visual storytelling that promotes empowerment for women, critical thinking and helping to make this world just a little bit brighter.

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28/4/2017 5:08:59 πμ


25/4/2017 6:55:51 μμ

Very intertaining. Look forward to seeing more of Honestly Charlotte.

22/4/2017 1:22:10 πμ

Fun film. Fantastic acting.

13/4/2017 2:02:00 πμ

Entertaining. Good acting and very well cast. Loved the surprise ending!

11/4/2017 8:00:50 μμ

I was entertained the whole way through. Love these characters:) well done

8/4/2017 10:11:56 μμ

Honestly Charlotte will make a great series. Looking forward to more of Honestly Charlotte 😊💗

8/4/2017 2:39:10 πμ

Talented professional production

8/4/2017 2:36:50 πμ

Delightful film would love to see more of Honestly Charlotte

8/4/2017 12:36:30 πμ

Very funny....and honest....loved both actors

7/4/2017 11:09:48 μμ

The truth can certainly set you free. And get you a job. Great chuckle for the day.

7/4/2017 8:21:42 μμ

The "managing hostile interactions" brochure in the background made me laugh - perfect prop placement.

6/4/2017 10:43:42 μμ

Awesome short film! Both characters hit the mark! Very funny too!

6/4/2017 10:23:25 μμ

I was reacting like a mother...Charlotte what are you doing,!!!....then came then expected ending.

6/4/2017 9:54:42 μμ

rating 5 stars, As an Human Resources guy for 22+ years I loved it.

6/4/2017 2:27:22 μμ

I really enjoyed this short film . . . it certainly brought back memories of looking for short-term summer employment, all the while "plotting my escape" to travel! Well done, Sarah, cast and crew!