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Country: TURKEY, Genre: The timeless dimension of Unemployment, Year: 2016

Technical data

Format: Digital HD, Color: Color, Duration: 15' 0'',


Director: Alkım Özmen
Producer: Ender Yeşildağ & Meryem Yavuz, Buğra Dedeoğlu & Olivier Berlemont, Emilie Dubois, Alkım Özmen
Screenplay: Alkım Özmen
Cast: İbrahim Selim,Murat Kılıç,Alptekin Serdengeçti,Banu Tuna


Erdem is a 35 years old journalist. He's been unemployed for the last 15 months and he's about to become a father. He desperately needs a job. Being rejected once again in a job interview, he takes the news editor as a hostage.

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