Without Milk - Χωρίς Γάλα - A short film by Thodoris Vournas (ταινία από το internet)

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Without Milk - Χωρίς Γάλα - A short film by Thodoris Vournas (ταινία από το internet) Αναλυτικά στοιχεία ταινίας

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An aspiring screenwriter and a seasoned producer try to work out problems regarding their upcoming collaboration. One of the two will have to compromise, adding milk to his coffee.

Thodoris Vournas, Petros Antoniadis, Argiris Zachos, George Tsirogiannis
in co-operation with Arctos S.A., Protasis Productions, Creative Cut and Dimitris Argyriou present
Alexandros Logothetis and Panos Mouzourakis in "Without Milk"

Directed by Thodoris Vournas

Based on the play "Café Solo" by Blanca Bardagil
Translated by Maria Hadjiemmanouil
Adapted for the screen by Alexios Kotsoris

Cinematography by Petros Antoniadis
Production design by Sofia Legatou
Edited by George Tsirogiannis
Music by Mihalis Katsaros

Production Manager: Argiris Zachos
Make up / Hair Stylist: Maria Christodoulou
Production Sound: Dimitris Kanelopoulos
Assistant Director: George Tsirogiannis
Gaffer: Kostas Marlagkoutsos
1st Camera Assistant: Rafail Tsakalos
2nd Camera Assistant: Tomas Fjakovski
Making of: Anastasia Mastrakouli
Set Photographer: Joanna Tsakalou

Festival Strategy: NewBorn Short Film Agency

Website: http://thodorisvournas.com/project/withoutmilk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/withoutmilkfilm/

Produced by Thodoris Vournas, Petros Antoniadis, George Tsirogiannis, Argiris Zachos
(C) 2015