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★★★★★ "The most memorable film of 2019” CORTOSFERA
★★★★★ “Breathless!” FLIX
★★★★★ “Masterpiece!” CINEPIVATES


Director: Thanasis Neofotistos
Production: Argonauts Productions S.A.

Yanni’s mum is running late to an audition as a Shakespearean Viola. After she learns that her son is left home alone, she will fight to balance her most important roles in life through a series of phone calls, in a single-long-take shot in the most controversial area of central Athens: Patision Avenue.

Film credits:
AN ARGONAUTS S.A. production in co-production with ERT S.A.
Directed by: Thanasis Neofotistos
Producer: Ioanna Bolomyti
Written By: Yorgos Angelopoulos, Thanasis Neofotistos, Pavlos Sifakis.
Executive Producer: Panos Papahadzis
Associate Producer: Kyveli Short
Cast: Marina Symeou
Director of Photography: Yannis Fotou GSC
Editing: Panos Aggelopoulos
Production Design: Thanasis Neofotistos
Costume Design: Eva Gaitanidou
Sound Design: Alejandro Cabrera
Sound: Alejandro Cabrera, Yannis Antipas
Production Manager: Giorgos Karoris
Special Thanks: Grigoris Skarakis, Giannis Karantanis, Konstantina Koutsonasiou.
International Sales: Radiator IP Sales

Festivals and awards:
75th Venice International Film Festival | World Premiere
41st Clermont-Ferrand International Short FF 2019 | Canal+ Award | Special jury Award | EFA Nomination
36th Busan ISFF | Excellence Award for Best Picture
49th Tampere International SFF
30th Sao Paolo International Short Film Festival
68th Melbourne International Film Festival
25th Encounters International Short Film Festival
28th Aspen ISFF
31st Minimalen Short Film Festival
31st Dresden ISFF | Opening Film
41st Moscow IFF
22nd Brussels ISFF
24th Vilnius IFF Kino Pavasaris
47th FNC Montreal Du Nouveau Cinema IFF
54th Chicago International Film Festival
22nd POFF Shorts-Black Nights IFF
18th Concorto ISFF
14th Show Me Shorts Film Festival
45th Filmets Badalona Film Festival
6th Bosporus IFF | Best International Short Fiction Film
4th Euregion Film Festival Cinesud | Special Jury Award
59th Thessaloniki IFF | National Premiere
16th Tirana IFF
12th NDU International FF
30th Trieste IFF
15th Akbank Sanat ISFF
21s t Mecal Pro Barcelona ISFF
11th Go-Short
33th Leeds IFF
44th Cleveland International Film Festival
& 70 more

NOMINATION European Film Awards 2019
NOMINATION Greek Film Academy 2019

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